I. A childhood memory from the vineyard with my grandfather

II. Cicada Euryphara, also known as European Cicada

  1. Garden pest, but also something else…

III. Review

V. Introduction

  1. A proposal for a new, additional option to improve our condition by working with our inner world
  2. The rationality of success
  3. Hobbies and personal development
  4. Knowledge and skills learned in school
  5. Working hypothesis
  6. Why do we even talk about the inner world?
  7. What is the inner world?
  8. Working with the inner world
  9. When does the mind rest to work well?
  10. What is Pure Consciousness?
  11. The healthy framework of practice
  12. Recommendations and safety precautions
  13. Is this a ready-made recipe?
  14. “Why and how” the techniques work?
  15. Different features and uniqueness of the content
  16. A quick read of the content

VI. About the author

  1. About my family and relatives
  2. Teenage troubles
  3. The spark of change
  4. Awareness of the mind in its role of the cicada of the inner world
  5. Work with our thoughts
  6. Awareness of happiness as a permanent part of the inner world
  7. And many other things in the inner world
  8. Alone on the benches in the center and meeting with strangers
  9. Middle age crisis, or uncles’ troubles

VII. Visual imagination

  1. Do I have a visual imagination?
  2. Exercises for the visual imagination – create and retain an image

VIII. Refreshing the brain

  1. When?
  2. First meeting with the mind
  3. First meeting with the visual imagination
  4. Do not give up, be persistent!
  5. Duration of the practice

IX. Transformation of the thought flow

  1. The need to take care of the inner world
  2. Why is our inner state important?
  3. How does the flow of thought affect us?
  4. What is the transformation of thought?
  5. Awareness of the need for transformation
  6. Sample thoughts on transformation (1)
  7. Brief description of thought transformation practices
  8. Which thoughts to start with?
  9. Transformation by uniting opposites
  10. Transformation by choosing preferences
  11. Discovering more thoughts of transformation
  12. Discovering the positive root of every thought
  13. Sample thoughts of transformation (2)
  14. Use of positive words and avoid the particle “no”
  15. Help from a friend?
  16. How does the useful root affect the perception of our thoughts?
  17. Transformation through the mind
  18. Transformation through the imagination – visual
  19. Transformation through the imagination – melodies
  20. Transformation through feelings
  21. Till when to transform?

X. Consciousness beyond thoughts

  1. What is beyond thought? Questions for reflection…
  2. What is thinking?
  3. Thinking and different professions
  4. Respect the reason
  5. An important conclusion
  6. The mind as an equal part of consciousness
  7. Often the consciousness ”sticks” to thinking, but it also lets the control out.
  8. The eye that can see everything in our inner world
  9. More often to grasp what we think
  10. The ultimate goal of the practice
  11. Differences between people as a result of thinking
  12. Benefits
  13. Appeal

XI. Complete trust in reality, or surrender to the infinite and all-pervasive consciousness

  1. When?
  2. Facts about suffering and happiness
  3. The bottom
  4. There is always a way up
  5. Origins and the history of the universe
  6. Is it a pure coincidence?
  7. Central statement
  8. What is the reason for most of the evil things in the world?
  9. First steps?
  10. To be born a second time in this life
  11. One more thing to think about
  12. The creation of a new center in the mind
  13. Final DEDICATION
  14. Directions along the way
  15. Daily practice
  16. Enriching and updating the new central belief
  17. Appeal
  18. “Red flags “!

XII. Discovering and cultivating happiness

  1. Facts about happiness
  2. Brief description of the practice
  3. Making a list of happy memories
  4. Complementing the list with imagination – „looking into the future“
  5. Re-experiencing the list
  6. Working with internal tools
  7. Main action
  8. Thoughts about happiness

XIII. Support the cause

  1. Will there be future development?
  2. Investments made
  3. Appeal
  4. Contact the author

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