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94. Will there be future development?

For me, It will be a dream that comes true if I can do the things of PURE CONSCIOUSNESS – to develop the content and respond to the people who come in contact with me.

For something to become our main activity, it must bring enough income that is stable over time.

Although the content is free because my priority is to make it accessible and to reach more people, there is a way to support me and that is through purchasing the book from Amazon. In this way, no one feels obligated but spreads according to their desires and abilities.

95. Investments made

So far, I have invested energy, time, labor, but also money in the cause.

The costs I have incurred or plan to incur are related to making the content accessible and readable. For example, text editing, English translation, website creation and maintenance, creating and publishing an e-book for various devices, subscriptions to Internet content optimization tools, and more. Unfortunately, these services are not free, nor are they cheap. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me recoup the costs, even if it is a drop by the drop, by purchasing the paper version of the book or its Kindle version from Amazon.

96. Contact the author

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If this text touches, changes or saves even one human life, then it has repeatedly fulfilled its purpose.

Thank you for your time and I wish you success in your venture!

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