This content is practical and aims to make everyday life simpler, easier, more meaningful, and more real, as well as to reduce the suffering that each of us experiences to some degree.

It can help you find a better purpose and a deeper meaning in life.

The book is relatively short and consists of separate chapters that may be more or less useful depending on the case. It is good to read all the content, but you can pay special attention and focus on a particular chapter.

We will make some clarifications about the chapters and situations in which they may be useful. Let’s leave this list open and give some guidelines:

  • If you are interested in self-knowledge or looking for a better version of yourself, then all the content can be useful to you.
  • In the first 8 chapters, several important explanations would be found: 1) Тhe description of the meaning that the author puts into words and phrases such as “Consciousness,” “Inner World,” “Inner Instruments,” “Mind,” “Intuition,” “Imagination,” “Inner Sensitivity,” “Working with the Inner World,”, 2) Аrrangements for the use of the content and 3) Safety instructions during practice.
  • If you are curious and want to try techniques with more general positive results, then you can start with “Visual Imagination” and “Refreshing the brain.”
  • If you are looking for happiness, then you can read more in “Discovering and cultivating happiness.”
  • If you want to improve the content of your thought flow or get rid of obsessive thoughts, then the chapters “Transformation of the thought flow” and “Consciousness beyond thoughts” will be useful.
  • The emphasize of the hard connection between the body and the consciousness is explored in the chapters “How to take care of the body” and “Overview of human biological evolution”.
  • The content here could reduce misery and be useful in many situations, also including mental disorders. The main context is self-help, but to be as honest as possible, we must admit that there are people who cannot help themselves. If you care for such people, then all the content can be useful as guidance and direction.
  • In case of more severe depression or psychosis/psychotic episodes, if a person is aware of what is happening to him and wants to help himself, then the content may be useful, but some red flags need to be considered. For more information, you can put a stronger focus on the chapter “Complete trust in reality, or surrender to the infinite, deep consciousness.”