Complete trust in reality, or surrender to the infinite and all-pervasive consciousness

Galaxies are the largest objects in deep space. This is a picture from a powerful telescope of the galaxy Andromeda, also known in astronomy as M31 or NGC 224. In the sky, it falls in the constellation Andromeda, whence its name. Andromeda is the closest galaxy to the Milky Way and is 2.5 million light-years from Earth.

Planet Earth and the solar system are part of our galaxy, called the Milky Way, and are located on its periphery. The diameter of the Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 light-years, but it cannot be photographed entirely with a telescope because our telescopes fall inside it.

Explanation: the distances in space are huge. A light-year is a unit of length representing the distance that light travels in a year in a vacuum. The speed of light is a physical constant equal to 300,000 kilometers per second.

82. When?

In our life, we move both up and down. There are times when we are happy and satisfied, there are times when things did not go well. The main purpose of this article is to “soften” the way down to make it faster and easier to go up, as well as to help us push ourselves from the bottom if we accidentally got there.

If you are feeling well at the moment, what is said here may be useful to you in the future, so read it and even keep it. Neither we nor our loved ones are insured against downfalls, and should we rely on suffering to look for a better version of ourselves?

In addition, what is written can be interesting for people who have interests in the field of self-knowledge.

83. Facts about suffering and happiness

When we are happy and satisfied when we like what is happening, what we are doing, what is around us, what is going on in our minds, and in general – we like our life, we would find it difficult to replace it with something new, and also we would change our viewpoint hardly. Of course, there are people who constantly, even when they are happy and successful, strive to develop themselves, but unfortunately, they are not so many.

However, when things are bad, when we suffer and wander, when we see no meaning, when we are lonely and there is no one to help us when we do anything, it does not help when we are overwhelmed by bad thoughts and gloomy moods, and for a long time when we are desperate when every second is painful and to continue means to cause ourselves even more suffering – then we would do anything to change, find a way out, comfort or a drop of inner peace.

To get deep enough into the subject, we will explore the bottom for a while. So we will have in mind how far things can go. Some people can recognize themselves or their friends, while others receive comfort and reassurance, realizing that their situation is relatively good. Surely there will be those to whom the text will seem distant and incomprehensible, but does anyone know what the future will offer?

84. The bottom

The bottom can be reached in many ways – diseases, accidents, severe loss, mental disorders, alcohol, drug addiction, irreparable mistakes, irreversible actions, etc.

When at the bottom, some people may look for a quick way out. They can do something extreme and irreversible. To end their lives. They are so overwhelmed and pain by their suffering that they do not realize how their relatives and friends would feel, all those people who have been with them all their lives, who love them and try to help them; even if they realize that life itself does not belong to us or our parents, but to nature itself, and it is not right to dispose of it; even if they realize that suicide is the worst murder because we take the life of our closest person – ourselves; even if they understand that one day the night of the soul will end – the momentary pain is so strong, and the fear – so great that they dull the mind.

85. There is always a way up

After looking at the bottom, let’s change the shade to a more positive one.

The desire and readiness for change, the determination to act are greater, the more suffering we experience. This is probably the only positive thing when we move to the bottom.

The question arises – how to harness and use it in an alternative way that is not destructive, but healthy, constructive and helps to build a new life?

Some people have fallen sharply down, but instead of giving up, they have sought and found the way up. Here are some vivid and indisputable examples that arouse admiration: People without limbs who play sports and win prizes in their disciplines. Drug addicts, on heavy substances, who after repeated attempts, either alone or in communes, have managed to cleanse themselves and build a new, successful life. People suffering from incurable diseases are still happy in the time they have. Mothers and fathers who have lost a child and found the strength to move forward. The list is long, so let’s not list more.

Let’s just be convinced that there is always a way up! If necessary, it is there waiting for us. We are simply asked to look for it, to find it, and to grab it.

86. Origins and the history of the universe

Now let’s challenge reason. This should be easy because thinking and logic occupy a huge part of our modern, and dynamic life anyway.

Let us think for a moment about this world, not about politics, not about football, not about fashion, money, houses, cars, telephones, clothes, shoes, bags, etc., but life in this world. Let’s think about nature – about plants, animals, and people. To get to this – to have life, how many things have happened?

Let’s talk quickly. According to the Big Bang theory, the universe came into being through a spectacular explosion into the nothingness that created time, space, and matter.

Gradually, over the years, this initial chaos has settled down as we now know it. Galaxies, stars, and planets have formed. The solar system was formed. The ground was hot, but it becomes cold. Many substances, including water, have appeared as a result of chemical reactions and certain conditions.

Life was born. First of all, unicellular organisms. Then – the more complex. Then the first organisms with a nervous system that gradually evolved into central and peripheral, that is, the first brain structures appeared. Many years later, the whole tree of life came from biology textbooks, including dinosaurs, apes, ancient civilizations, and modern man.

87. Is it a pure coincidence?

Even if we assume that all this happened by chance and as a result of natural evolution in organisms, the question remains why exactly these rules exist in the universe – exactly these parameters, constants, probabilities, laws of interaction, chemical elements, physical processes, and so on.

Is this universe, with exactly these characteristics, one of many that have arisen by chance, beyond time, in eternity, and is it a great coincidence that we exist right here and now? What a privilege to be alive!

Can a creature as complex as man be a coincidence? Is it a coincidence that our body, our psyche, our thoughts, with all the hidden complexity and perfection that are admired today by researchers and scientists in various fields?

88. Central statement

Now let us consider the statement which is fundamental to the exposition here and on which is based an easier way down and then up. This statement states that there is an invisible, infinite, and all-pervasive consciousness that fills everything in this world and guides it in the name of the common good.

Since there is no evidence for this, but there is no evidence to the contrary, it turns out that whether we believe this statement or not is a matter of choice. Is believing in one statement so difficult when there is human life on the other side? Can we find a healthier, more constructive, and more positive statement? Do we see anything harmful or unhealthy in this statement? Don’t we already believe every day in dozens of unproven allegations heard on television, read on the Internet, and social networks? Will we lose, or will we win if we believe? What do we choose?

89. What is the reason for most of the evil things in the world?

Why are there wars, murders, violence, perversions, deceptions, and many other things that are not in the name of the common good, if we assume that the universe and in particular living organisms are guided by the invisible, infinite, and all-pervasive consciousness that guides the world in the name of the common good? Let us smooth out this contradiction.

Let’s look at the most famous life forms. Let’s start with plants. Exploring the jungles in all their diversity of plant species that live together and in symbiosis and to which people devote their entire lives to studying them, making films, and writing books about their beauty – do we find a contradiction with the belief?

Let’s continue with animals that take lives just to feed and sometimes to exercise their skills when step on plants them and kill them, or when a cat plays with a mouse and overuses its physical force. Their actions are guided mainly by instincts. Do we see a contradiction with belief here?

And to end with the most complicated – with the man in his role as a rational form of life. What distinguishes it is reason and self-awareness. There are wars, murders, violence, and many other things in people that are not in the name of the common good. There is a contradiction here. We will smooth out this contradiction by taking into account the fact that man has developed free will and the opportunity for free choice.

This makes things more complicated because it gives a person freedom of action, which he can use as he chooses. Why this is so is rather a philosophical question that may have many answers, many theories, but is not the subject of our presentation.

In this situation, the belief that there is a all-pervasive consciousness that guides the world in the name of the common good, without taking away free will, should be free of contradictions and the basic doubts should have melted away.

90. First steps?

If you are already convinced that you want to believe this statement, then we have taken the first step. If you are not, then maybe we need time to think about the pros and cons more thoroughly. It still makes sense to keep reading to understand some of the benefits that such a belief would give us.

91. To be born a second time in this life

The belief in the existence of universal consciousness is only the first step in building a new life with less pain and suffering. But is it possible for a person, or rather his worldview, to be born a second time in the same life? Is it possible to recreate in a new way all this complexity of the psyche, formed by upbringing, parents, school, work, friends, environment, genes, and many other factors?

As a joke – according to scientists, we use at most 5% of the capacity of our brain, which means that theoretically there is room and we can recreate ourselves at least 20 times.

Now seriously: for our purposes, it is enough to do it only once. It is enough – even if we do not succeed completely, but partially. To be born a second time in the same life with a new or changed worldview. The author believes that all this comes down to the power of the desire to change and further develop sensitivity to the inner world.

Let’s remember that the more we suffer, the easier it will be for us to change our views to improve our condition. It turns out that, among other things, suffering is the fuel of change for development and improvement. From this perspective, we can treat him with respect and be grateful to him.

92. One more thing to think about

Let’s touch briefly on another topic that would give us additional motivation. I don’t know if there are rebirths. I also don’t know if this is just a reassurance and a convenient excuse not to do anything with ourselves here and now. But even if we accept that it exists, then won’t we, being born again as children, still become a “victim” of genes, environment, upbringing, etc.? Isn’t it possible to be born in a worse place and have worse things happen to us? Why risk and rely on something uncertain and wait to die, given that we have the opportunity to act now, in this life?

93. The creation of a new center in the mind

For our worldview to be born a second time in this life, it needs a new center around which new beliefs, new values, new experiences, in general – new structures, and finally, as a result – a new one worldview will be built.

Of course, everything old will continue to exist and help us. We will again be able to use the useful knowledge and skills we have. We will remember our lives, but we will have a chance to look at it from a different perspective and change most of our old conclusions, to reconsider our experiences, and in general to get many side effects that will help us recreate ourselves in a better way.


The next step is to make a deep and final decision that we will believe at all costs in the existence of an infinite and all-pervasive consciousness that fills this world and guides it in the name of the common good, without taking away free will.

We need to do something more – to accept this belief as a new center of our consciousness and everything to start revolving around it. Which means giving ourselves completely into the hands of the all-pervasive consciousness and having full confidence in it.

If we have reached the bottom, it means that instead of ruining the life within us, we simply entrust it or, so to speak, give it to this infinite consciousness in the name of the common good.

This is very deep and the words are not enough to describe it.

Here one must find the way to do it so that it emerges above every truth we have. In other words, to find the spark in us that feeds our lives and to give ourselves to it.

We can do anything that would help us, but the path is individual.

The confirmations of the existence and functioning of the all-pervasive consciousness, which we can find ourselves and with which we can feed the mind, can help someone. Or the feeling, the intuition, the inner nuances caused by the feelings, or the inner visualizations with the help of the imagination.

We certainly need to increase the sensitivity we have to our inner world. If so far we have not been interested in what is happening inside us, because our attention has been obsessed mainly with the outside world, now we have a unique opportunity to change this and start studying, understanding, and developing our inner world. Isn’t that in itself curious, interesting, and meaningful?

95. Directions along the way

One thing is for sure – everyone can find the way to the consciousness that we are talking about here. We remember that it is all-pervasive and infinite, therefore we are part of it and it is in each of us.

What would help us a lot is to have nothing more to lose, to realize how small we are within the universe and this infinite consciousness, to be pawns, ready to trust it completely and allow it to direct our lives from here onwards. No desires for it, no opinions, no high expectations, just to live in it quietly and humbly. Let this consciousness change us and build our new self. It is the engine, and we only help it when it is asked of us.

96. Daily practice

The last step – we now live daily in our new center and watch for the changes that are gradually happening between our new subjective reality and our old subjective reality.

Whatever happens, whatever thoughts swirl in our head, whatever feelings and states overwhelm us, we instantly think of our new center, of our new central belief, and refract everything through its prism.

This allows us to experience things in a new way and to notice differences compared to before, which in turn further motivates us to continue.

Living in this belief gives deep confidence in reality, in everything that happens, as well as additional peace that grows over time. We already know that whatever happens, accidentally or not, is the best possible at the moment and is in the name of the common good. And this gives us deep peace and inner peace, making a huge part of our fears and worries meaningless.

Thus the content of our thoughts, feelings, moods, and state gradually changes.

97. Enriching and updating the new central belief

Finally, to enrich the belief in this all-pervasive consciousness. Such a positive complement to the idea of it is something that everyone can continue to do on the way forward, trusting their intuition.

The all-pervasive consciousness is always with us, even at the end of the world, even in the impenetrable darkness, even in deep loneliness and pain.

It realizes the whole world at all times. He guides the world, following a grand plan that is constantly changing and updated depending on the decisions made by individual minds with a free choice every moment. This plan achieves the greatest possible universal good every second. How this plan is realized is unknown, but one of them is that consciousness penetrates to the bottom of the matter, as it is now fashionable to say – at the quantum level, and controls the probabilities of absolutely all “accidental” events and processes.

The all-pervading consciousness strives to preserve life and develop it. It takes care of everything, including us and others. In front of him, everyone is equal and equally loved. It gives equal and sufficient love to all its children. The quality of this consciousness is to accumulate and concentrate in rational life forms, which occurs in the process of self-awareness. But the fact that someone is more aware does not mean that he is more loved or that he receives more love from the mind, but simply that he has a greater opportunity and capacity to help himself, others, the world.

Consciousness looks for the moment when an individual will seek it and connect with it because in this way it materializes more and more in reality through the subsequent constructive actions of the individual.

It seeks to reduce universal suffering by helping individuals move forward in their evolution, to become more and more self-aware. Sometimes we act on his behalf – when we help reduce our suffering and the suffering of others. When we help ourselves and others to adapt, develop, or, more generally, to realize themselves more successfully and to realize themselves more clearly. This may become our main goal in our new worldview, but let’s help ourselves first.

The all-pervasive consciousness is very happy with our successes in terms of self-awareness and celebrates them with us, and we feel constant gratitude to it for our successes, even when they are small and rare.

It “interweaves” all individual consciousnesses as a network and fills us with a sense of connection and completeness.

It is a source of creativity and contains all the knowledge about the world, which gradually reveals.

When we describe in words this consciousness, it is everything that builds a more conscious world with less suffering. It is not alcohol, it is not a drug, but when we touch it even for a moment, it fills our lives and we want nothing else.

98. Appeal

With the new view about the world, we live a new life. We have a second chance and let’s use it for the common good!

99. “Red flags “!

For completeness, I want to make an additional point with something that is also part of reality and that we can trust as a last resort because our priority is to save lives.

We already know that suffering is, among other things, the fuel for change in recreating our better version in this life. Through trust in reality and the will to resist, we go through it, even if it lasts a long time, knowing that then comes the way up, which will lead us to new heights.

Along the way, some people choose to trust modern chemistry, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. They go to a psychiatrist and regularly take their prescribed pills, be it sedatives, antipsychotics, antidepressants, etc.

The reasons for this are different. Starting with the more innocuous ones, such as being fashionable, being on a whim, having the inertia to treat everything the way we treat a cold, and ending with the more serious causes, such as a strong fear of the condition we are in, a fear from the unknown, fear of change or the desire to keep ourselves as we know each other, impatience for the suffering to end, insufficient strength to endure painful thoughts and feelings, deep despair, pressure from relatives and friends, etc.

However, we cannot deny that psychiatric drugs have helped and continue to help many people feel good in the short term. They act on a physical level. Most of them acquire, eliminate or, generally speaking, regulate the presence of certain substances in the brain, such as dopamine, serotonin, and others. In this way, the drugs significantly improve the mental state. The discovery of these preparations is the result of great efforts, of experiments with humans to prove their effectiveness. Some of the drugs have existed relatively recently (they have only been synthesized in the last 50 years), which is a unique opportunity for the modern man because they did not exist in the past.
But where is the limit and when to resort to them?

The author is convinced that this is an individual decision, but there are also “red lights”.

Most people can feel for themselves the moment when suffering should be stopped through pills. The desired result of suffering is to change our worldview and bring to life our better version. If for a long time we do not notice changes in our worldview and do not feel an inner transformation, that is, there are no changes in the condition, then maybe it’s time for pills, does it make sense to suffer without result?

Despite the freedom of choice, if the “red flags” are there, it’s time.

If we are inadequate, we must allow someone else to decide for us!

If we are about to hurt ourselves or others, it is time for pills!

If we are unable to work and we have to take care of someone or make money to survive, it is also time for pills!

It is not a shame to seek help, to go to a psychiatrist. If you are worried that someone will understand and expose you, keep in mind that many psychiatrists are willing to see you anonymously, get to know your case, write you an appropriate prescription, and follow up on your treatment.

So, if you’ve crossed the line, don’t wait, see a doctor now before it’s too late: our priority is to survive and save lives!

At the same time, do the practice described here. It will not hurt, it can only help.