There are moments in life when, for one reason or another, we think more deeply about existential issues. This is most often due to the interest and curiosity we want to satisfy, or the suffering and pain we want to get rid of. Then we usually realize that in addition to the outer world, there is also an inner world that we do not know well enough. We also realize that in reality, the inner world determines much more strongly how we feel in everyday life and how we experience the events in our lives. We realize that school education, our moral education, and the information we have access to help us deal most with the outside world, but not with the inside because when we face it, we find ourselves facing an abyss. This is paradoxical because along with our physical body, the inner world is the only thing we are given at birth and we should know better than anything else.

What is written here aims to guide us on the path that opens before us when we face the abyss of the inner world and decide to go on it inwards to our deeper layers. The content answers the questions of what internal “tools” we have and how to use and develop them to explore and change ourselves, and thus help ourselves by improving our overall condition and finding our better version.

If this text touches, changes or saves even one human life, then it has repeatedly fulfilled its purpose.

I wish you a pleasant reading and practicing!