Refreshing the brain

32. When?

Sometimes, usually in the morning, there are times when we do not feel well and this makes us not ready for daily activities and work. There are many reasons for that, such as lack of sleep, menstruation, or a hangover, or we may just feel unwell, exhausted, without energy, or sleepy.

Whatever the reason, let’s try the internal practice described below, which aims to refresh us and improve our condition. It will certainly not replace the pills we take for headaches, but it will help, and why not be used as a basic technique for improving our condition. According to the author’s observations, it can have a stronger effect than caffeine and nicotine.

The main internal “tools” for this practice are our internal reasoning and visual imagination.

33. First meeting with the mind

We start at the level of the mind, building the belief that we can consciously influence at least a little of the cells in our nervous system and most of all – the cells in the brain. If it is difficult for us to believe this, we realize that we are certainly doing it unconsciously and therefore it is possible, even though we do not know how it happens. Besides, if it is not possible to guide ourselves at least a little, the only thing that is given to us at birth, then what is left for everything else in our lives? If we still fail to agree with such a statement, we can leave the mind for a moment and allow it to convince itself that this is at least a little possible, after doing the practice for a while and understanding what the result is.

34. First meeting with the visual imagination

The next step is to work with visual imagination. We visualize the brain and the processes in it as a sphere that fills our heads. The color of the ball is a matter of choice.

The author sticks to the color with which the brain is associated on the Internet – a slightly sparkling sky blue with faint white hues. Visualization of a sphere is sufficient, but over time the image can be enriched by choice, covering the entire nervous system – the brain, spine, and for fullness and some peripheral nerves.

Then we hold the image and allow slight movements, inside circulation, which is expressed in slide change in the shades of the sphere. If it helps, we can also imagine it as a liquid that moves depending on what is happening in our consciousness, or as an electromagnetic field that responds to changes in our consciousness.

Additionally and optionally – during the visualization, if the mind is bored or distracted, we set a task. To realize that all these tens of billions of nerve cells, or neurons, that we have in our brains are connected and functioning as a whole. Also, it would help to use emotions, allowing the sense of connection that the thought of billions of neurons creates to overwhelm us during visualization; the feeling of gratitude to all those cells that serve us tirelessly can also allow us to be overwhelmed.

In addition, it is good for the mind to realize that our body, and in particular our brain, is the home of our consciousness, and we should take care of them as we take care of everything else, even more.

35. Do not give up, be persistent!

In conclusion, because this practice may not have a noticeable effect the first time, the advice is to do it long enough or many times to make the practice easy and even spontaneous.

36. Duration of the practice

We can do it for as long as we want, and overtime 1-2 minutes will be enough to feel the effect.